Bénédicte Schutz, Director of International Cooperation; Martine Garcia-Mascarenhas, Deputy Representative to FAO; Elisabeth Larese-Silvestre, Head of Division, Directorate of International Cooperation. Photo: DR

As a member since 2015, Monaco participated in the 44th session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) from October 9 to 13.

The Secretary General of the United Nations opened the session with a video message in which he invited the 137 members of the CFS to commit themselves to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Objectives and to take up the Hunger Challenge.

The heads of the three UN agencies based in Rome, the UN’s food security pole, have revealed the alarming data of the “State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World” for the first time in partnership with WHO and UNICEF. “World hunger is rising in 2016, after a prolonged decline. Nearly 900 million people do not eat enough, mostly children under the age of five, mostly because of armed conflicts,” he said.

The CFS, whose policy is to eliminate hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture, also elected its new President, HE Mario Arvelo of the Dominican Republic. Monaco was elected as an alternate member of the executive committee for the European region.

Monaco, a responsible and solidarity-based government, is working with all national, local and international actors, including the FAO, WFP, and large NGOs to improve the conditions of populations that have difficulty accessing food products. Firmly committed to MDG 2, the Principality will strengthen its support in the countries where children are most hungry, as in Madagascar and Niger, where 50 percent of children are malnourished.

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Martine Garcia-Mascarenhas, Second Secretary at the Embassy of Monaco in Rome; HE Robert Fillon, Ambassador of Monaco in Italy, Permanent Representative of the Principality to FAO, and Elisabeth Lanteri-Minet, Director of International Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Photo: CD




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