Italy is imposing a five-day quarantine on travellers from the European Union over Easter, even for those with a negative Covid test.

The government announced on Tuesday that, in addition to the obligation of filling in the self-declaration form and negative Covid test upon arrival, anyone who enters Italy after having stayed in or tansitted through European countries in the previous 14 days, must undergo self-isolation under the supervision of health authorities for five days. After this self-quarantine period, a new PCR or antigen test is mandatory.

The measure also concerns Italians returning home from abroad.

The measure “applies to all those who leave and arrive, including Italian nationals,” said a ministry official.

The new restriction will be in effect until 6th April, covering the Easter weekend, during which Italy is a popular destination for foreign tourists.

A 14-day quarantine is already in effect for countries outside the EU.

Photo of Milan Cathedral on Pixabay

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