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An announced success that has seen in a few days a fully booked of the event. Let’s talk about CulturGo “All White Party” held in Lugano last June 26th at the Hotel Splendide Royal.

A Luxury event masterfully planned by CulturGo and incredibly executed in every aspect by her President Malou Hallberg-Merz. celebreMagazine, Monaco Woman and Rinascimento Magazine have been the Official Media Partners of the White Party.

The Splendide Royal Hotel Lugano’s terrace was the setting for the White Night. To welcome the guests from Como, Geneva, Lugano, Milan, Zug, Zurich… A cocktail enhanced by the live music of DJ Walter with the ritual photo’s sessions of the guests who then took advantage of the beautiful Lugano breath-taking lake background for some selfie and landscape photos.

The “All white” dress code and decor gave the touch of uniqueness that found all guests who, like in a movie, were dressed to impress, all in white. The enchanting all-white decoration of the terrace and its beautiful view made the evening simply Magic!

Guests enjoyed a three-course delicate and sophisticated dinner while sipping a harmonious wine selection, crafted by the Great Chef  Domenico Roberto especially for the event. During the evening, the famous Russian Soprano Larisa Yudina accompany by the Pianist Irina Kratsova.

entertained the guests in several sessions with her divine voice. A rich and sparkling, musical program that amongst DJ. Soprano and pianist entertain the guests throughout the evening. It was a magical and pleasant atmosphere after all a white dinner party is a love-oriented wonder.

President Malou Hallberg-Merz wanted to point out that the delicate period we have gone through seems to have been left behind, but we still need to be careful and not underestimate the COVID problem. That is why the White party organizers, considered the importance of this problem and organized the event in accordance with the social distancing rules.

We know that CulturGo after this unfailing success of the White Party has already programmed the next edition for June 2022, we cannot wait to hear the exact date.

CulturGo exclusive and successful events! Not to miss, considering the professionalism and experience that Malou Hallberg-Merz has in the world of events, which makes its events, the rendezvous of Lugano’s jet setters.

CulturGo, a global and intercultural private online community, an exclusive free membership circle.

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Article edit by Massimo Basile

Editorial Director @ celebreMagazine – Monaco Woman

Rinascimento Magazine – Il Masaniello Magazine

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