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Exploring a new territory is resource-intensive, requires specific skills, and therefore the necessity  of availing yourself of professionals who are qualified to carry out their role in that territory.

Located in specific territories, BizProject platforms offer multiple solutions and entrust their services exclusively to local professionals with proven expertise, specially selected for the users of the network.

BizProject platforms represent the easiest way to obtain useful services for individuals and businesses, there are no additional costs, only the guarantee of obtaining the best service available with maximum simplicity and reliability.


Monaco Private

Biz Monaco assists with competitive ideas

Home Service and Conciergerie

Thanks to highly qualified local professionals, we are able to facilitate transfers and accommodation in the Principality of Monaco for individuals, couples and families, through ad hoc services designed to meet the needs of a highly demanding clientele.
Specialised in relations with High Net Worth Individuals and, more generally, with those who require dedicated assistance for their relocation, professionals are able to meet all your needs.

Wealth Management & Administration

Our local business partners  are available to help you define the right investment strategy. Specialised in the tracking and administration of your assets, they will advise you on the best banking institutions in Monaco and the best tailor-made solutions to protect your wealth.

Art Management & Consulting

The art sector requires specific skills that cannot be improvised. Whether you are buying or selling a work of art, or planning a project to build a prestigious collection, our partners and consultants in art management and art consulting are there to provide comprehensive support thanks to their training and many years of experience.

Trust, Estate Planning and Tax Consulting

With the aim of protecting and enhancing your wealth, our local business partners will be able to assist you in planning the transfer of your assets to future generations. They are highly specialised in managing your current intentions and benefits while respecting your personal, family and work needs.

Relocation abroad

Globalization has paved the way for new business and life scenarios.
We are able to support you in the relocation of your business and family in Monaco, Switzerland, UK and Malta.
Our experts will support you in every step to simplify your transfer with a service that will take care of everything you need, both at fiscal and administrative level, and at personal one.

Real estate

The Principality of Monaco is one of the most exclusive places you could wish to move to.
Local real estate experts, with their knowledge of the area, are able to support you in the purchase and sale of prestige real estates. They can offer you an exclusive advisory service to help you choose the best solution for your buying and selling needs in the complicated Monaco market.

Off market real estate

There are real estate assets that need to be purchased or sold in the utmost reserve.
Thanks to our business partners we are able to provide full assistance in both the purchase and sale of your real estate while always respecting your privacy. We treat highly prestigious properties strictly off market thus ensuring discretion and confidentiality in negotiations.

Interior design

Furnishing a house is like buying a tailor-made suit created especially for you.
Our business partners are professionals able to transform the desires and dreams of highly demanding customers into reality. The exclusive interior design service with tailor-made solutions will guarantee you to obtain exclusive living performances that will reflect your personality, just like a sartorial suit represents your essence.

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